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Gait Training

Children with gait deviations may have delayed independent walking and functional mobility skills, poor balance/coordination, compromised gross motor skill acquisition and diminished self-esteem. At Pediatric Potentials, we evaluate each child's level of mobility, analyzing the dynamic features of gait, such as velocity, stride length, cadence, and symmetry. Specific exercises and activities are then used in gait training to improve the child’s ability to walk efficiently and safely in all environments.  Improved walking, running and jumping all lead to greater independence and self-esteem.

Children with neuromuscular deficits frequently have difficulty performing motor tasks due to poor postural stability, poor muscular strength, etc. Our pediatric physical therapists perform musculo-skeletal evaluations, gait evaluations, and functional mobility assessments to assess whether orthotics should be considered. Orthotics can provide the stability needed in the lower extremities for the development of functional mobility skills and help prevent the development of muscle contracture and joint deformity. Pediatric Potentials works together with your child’s physician and orthotist to maximize potential.


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