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About Us

About Us

Pediatric Potentials is the premier pediatric occupational and physical therapy practice in Essex County. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to providing the best pediatric OT and PT care for your child and family within an atmosphere of empathy and sensitivity. We accept all children as they are, and promote their development from "Can I?" to "I think I can" to "I know I can" through collaborative relationships with all those who touch their lives.

Recognizing that our patient’s scholastic performance and everyday lives could be greatly enhanced by computer skills, we created Computer Campus. More information about the services offered there can be found here.

By ensuring that your child's care is provided by those who are highly experienced, dedicated to their work, and endlessly giving, we help your child leap to new levels. We are committed to expanding life's possibilities for every child who enters our doors in our 4,000 square foot environment that is playful, fun and safe.

Pediatric Potentials provides cutting edge occupational and physical therapy care in a highly personalized and playful environment. All therapy is performed by NJ and nationally licensed occupational and physical therapists, not assistants. Our therapists are warm, caring and highly experienced. Many have been associated with our practice for 10 or more years. Each therapist brings a positive attitude and professional excellence to each session with your child. Our team of therapists sees hundreds of children for individualized programs in our private facility every week.

In addition to providing therapy in our offices, Pediatric Potentials provides therapy services in school settings, including the JCC Metrowest, as well as consultations to many private and public schools throughout the area. Trainings and workshops for teachers, physicians and parents are readily available on numerous topics, including sensory integration, handwriting, kindergarten readiness, and play for preschoolers to develop fine and gross motor skills. Pediatric Potentials offers developmental education coaching and consultations for parents of newborns to those six months of age, as well as offering therapeutic yoga in our facility and in the home, and a sensory camp experience.  


SN Pediatric Potentials, Inc.   bullet   154 S. Livingston Ave, Suite 204   bullet   Livingston, NJ 07039   bullet   973.535.5010   bullet   director@pediatricpotentialsnj.com


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