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Student artwork made for the Pediatric Potentials staff

Kudos that appear in the April, 2015 edition of NJ Family Magazine:	
Shoshana Newman, PT • Livingston
Pediatric Physical Therapist
"As the physical therapist to my son for the past four years, she has an incredible 
way of motivating my son to master the demanding challenge of improving his 
muscle tone and core body strength".

–A Maplewood Dad


A thank you for Laurie Kalb, May 2014 "I want you to know how much I truly appreciate all your patience and constructive ideas. Today's session ...was not only confidence boosting to (my child) but the opportunity for me to see how he can manage in the kitchen without my particular ways was most helpful. All the little tidbits of info and ideas of tools that will help him I know will pave the way for (his) success with independence in the kitchen. You really are an expert at what you do. Thanks for everything".


A rave for Shoshana Newman from the parent of a long-term patient:


'As the physical therapist to my son for the past 4 years, [Shoshana] has an incredible way of motivating my son to master the demanding challenge of improving his muscle tone and core body strength.' March, 2014


This great endorsement of Laurie Kalb and her team appeared in the March, 2013 issue of New Jersey Family Magazine:


Laurie Kalb, OT and her team are brilliant, professional, and simply extraordinary in every way! They are truly experts in providing structure, support, and amazing treatment to children with special needs. Their personal support of my son, and our entire family, has simply been a blessing. Laurie’s sole focus is ensuring that we have an adaptable and personalized treatment plan that ensures my son’s success in school and in life. This team is so far beyond what most of us expect to receive in healthcare services!!


A kudo for Director of Physical Therapy Shoshana Newman from a parent of a child with Torticollis:

"Words aren't enough to show you how very grateful we are of your support, help and hard work. What you have done for (our child) has changed her life. Please know how much we appreciate your efforts and concern for our (daughter). We are so thankful you came into our lives, we couldn't have done it without you. You have a very special gift and way with kids of all ages. You took great care of (our daughter) as if she were your own and we are forever thankful. The world needs more kind and patient people like you. When our sessions have ended, we will remember and appreciate you always". 

January, 2013

A kudo we received after this year's wonderful BikeFest:

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all that you do. (Our son) started at Pediatric Potentials when he was so little. When he first walked through those doors all those years ago, there was so much he could not do. Sue and Patti worked with him tirelessly and he achieved so much, reached milestones we didn't know he could reach. And while he hasn't been there in several years, we've never forgotten how much he was helped there. I think it is so appropriate and so lovely, that he returned there yesterday (for Bike Fest) to achieve yet another important milestone of his childhood. Thank you for your patience and your hard work and thank you for creating such a wonderful place that changes the lives of so many children. We will be forever grateful.

So you know, we went straight to the bike store when we left and got (him) new tires. He then rode his bike for the rest of the afternoon--until he couldn't pedal anymore. And yes, I did keep crying :). Thank you again.
A lovely kudo for Anne Bentley Fell posted on Maplewood on Line:

"We also did OT with Anne Fells at Pediatric Potentials in Livingston (for my middle son who has sensory issues). She's fantastic and had so many ideas for us to do on our own in between sessions. I would definitely recommend her as well. "

July, 2012


An incredible letter from a long-time parent whose child saw Marjie Hansen for seven years:

"When you first met us when (our child) was four, we were being bombarded with information, services, diagnoses, and suggestions; we were reeling....I firmly believe you were the most influential in helping us to find the right strategies for (our child). I thank God that we were referred to Pediatric Potentials, and most of all, that once there we were matched with you!

...You are an excellent Occupational Therapist, whose rapport with and understanding of children is immediate and profound. You had concrete suggestions, useful in any and all settings; when something didn't work, you helped us figure out why and how to adapt the techniques so it did. Your patience with all of us never failed; we all feel accepted and understood by you.

...You taught us how to navigate the educational system, coaching us in what to ask for from child study team meetings and in what we needed in (our child's) IEP's. Your parenting guidance, offered with kindness, compassion, and wisdom has made me a better mother....You have kept us organized and motivated, and you helped us to fight for (our child). Your message to us was always so positive: first, (our child) is a special (child) worth fighting for (something I never doubted), and second that we, (as) parents, WILL be able to advocate successfully for (our child)....You never gave up on us, just as we will never give up on (our child).

You are now and always will be in our hearts. May blessings follow you and your family always!"

A recent rave about Dale Pilchman and Computer Campus:

"We are so happy with all of the work you are doing with our sons at your Computer Campus classes at Pediatric Potentials - you are an amazing teacher! The keyboarding skills our boys have learned have changed their lives overall by giving them a sense of independence and competency to be able to use their computers in all kinds of different ways to help facilitate their learning whether through online education programs and even through computer gaming.  Being able to manipulate the computer and understand how to use it to research and find the information they are looking for is such a wonderful ability.  The keyboarding skills have even translated into improving their reading and spelling skills and of course their writing and communication skills.  Our oldest son ... is now able to write short book reports, send emails to his friends and navigate the Internet to research his subjects of interest. We just wanted you to know how thrilled we are with your work and how happy we are to have the opportunity for our boys to be able to learn from you. We are looking forward to having you continue working with our boys in the year ahead."

One of the nicest notes we've received came recently not from a parent but from a current college student, recalling his days as our patient:

"you were my occupational therapist for several years dating back to around 2000 (I know, a very long time!) My family was talking the other day about how we each learned how to ride a bike, and my mom reminded me that I was taught by (teacher) on your suggestion. This elicited many memories of occupational therapy at your office, especially the interactive metronome. In some ways, little has changed since my OT days- I keep my giant green ball in my room and my chair at the dinner table still has a blue bumpy air cushion that we can't bear to get rid of. In other ways, I have developed a lot since my days as a small, anxious 10-year-old: I decided to go west and now am a (college student at a fabulous school). With your help developing my fine motor skills I became a varsity tennis player in high school. Perhaps more surprisingly given my late bike education, I rode my bike on a summer program trip from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California. Now at (college), riding my bike is a vital part of my daily routine."

A small part of the response from Laurie Kalb, August 2011: "I remember you and your mom distinctly... and also remember that you hit your first baseball after your first round of interactive metronome when you were entering either 4th or 5th grade.  How fabulously you have grown!!!  This is one of the most wonderful letters I have ever gotten.  Lots of times little kids forget that they ever had OT or worked hard as little kids to get to be such wonderful young adults.

...I can't tell you how much it means to me that you took the time to look me up and write such a wonderful note.  It is hard to believe how the years fly. I feel like it was just a couple of years ago that you were at my office...."

These are just a few of the lovely testimonials we've received recently.


"Just to thank you again for teaching [our son] to type.  He came home from school today and was so proud to report that in his technology class he had to take a speed test--he is averaging 50-54 wpm with no mistakes!  We said he's now employable!!!!:)" from a parent to Computer Campus teacher Dale Pilchman, December 2012

"Sooooo... Have I told you lately that I LOVE you? We have been doing the new bedtime routine....and he has been going RIGHT to sleep in about 20 minutes. You never cease to amaze me...who thought a sleeping bag and flashlight could change the world!!" from a parent to Director Laurie Kalb, May 2012.

" Pediaitrc Potentials. I love it there. It has such a good feel to it. The space and the people are so positive!" from a parent, May, 2012

"The thing is, you wouldn't recognize her this week. She is happy, confident, moving assuredly, she makes jokes and hasn't lost her temper as much as usual. She looks taller. She is a success story for you, no doubt about it!  She's very proud of being so competent."    from a parent to Laurie Kalb, Sept. 2011

"(She) was so much more optimistic and positive after your meeting that I wanted to thank you.  She had become quite discouraged, but you dispersed a big black cloud that she had hanging over her head.  She understands that she has work to do, but you restored her hope, and when (she) thinks there is a point to something, she is a hard worker. You are really good at what you do." from a parent to Laurie Kalb, Sept. 2011

"We wanted to drop you a note to let you know how tremendous learning keyboarding has been for (our son) this year!   He was able to type all of his assignments for Reading Class and was even able to type his essay for the NJ ASK.  It really took a lot of the pressure off of his on-going OT challenges.  He's actually gotten very good at it over the course of the year.  We are looking into getting him a netbook or the equivalent to  be able to take notes with in class next year.    Thank you again for recommending the class and for getting (him) going last summer.
We are going to contact Dale about the class for (our daughter) this summer!"  from a Computer Campus parent
"Thank you so much for hosting the fantastic Bicycle event at Pediatric Potentials - we'd been waiting for an opportunity like this to help our son get some specialized support from trained OT therapists who could understand the reasons why he'd been having problems acquiring beginning bike riding skills due to some of his motor skills differences that he has as part of his aspergers/autism diagnoses.  We were thrilled that he was able to work with therapists who knew him well (our wonderful Ped. Potentials OT Therapist Ann Bentley Fell) and try out various styles and sizes of bicycles and scooters and advance through the various "skill level" stations for his ability.
The whole experience gave him the confidence that he needed to be willing to try bike riding at home near our house for the first time ever.  We (his parents) also felt more comfortable as we had new information to help guide him as he progresses.  We even bought him a new bike which he picked out on his own! We were thrilled to be part of such a great event - it was a big success for us." from a parent on our June, 2011 BikeFest bicycle training
"Thank you so much for the wonderful day and the beautiful pictures.  My kids had so much fun.  My son ... now loves to ride his bike (he refused to pedal before).  My daughter ...  is getting closer to riding her two-wheeler by herself.  Thanks again!"  from a parent on our June, 2011 BikeFest bicycle training

"My son ... has been in therapy with Anne Bentley Fell for 2+ years now.  I cannot believe what a difference she's made in his life!  He is so much more capable and confident than I've ever seen him.  I tell everyone who will listen about the magic of commitment to OT and about Anne." from a parent

"Our son ... has been working with therapists [at Pediaitrc Potentials] for the past eleven years.... At the age of four his disabilities were such that he required a team to coordinate the best possible program. Each time [he] would visit for a session he darted around the office until [the therapist] would come get his attention to begin to get him focused in the gym. Keeping him on track and sitting to stay on task was a chore. But no matter how embarrassed I was of his behavior, no one ever made me feel that way. They provided encouragement. Every visit was productive. As [he] got older Laurie Kalb took over. There was not any aspect of [our son's] development that Pediatric Potentials did not cover. Over the years [he] has made tremendous progress. From sitting to eat properly, tying his shoes, riding a bike, roller blading, writing, folding clothing, using the computer, office skills, making his own decisions and many more functionally important activities and tasks Pediatric Potentials was there to direct and support our family.

[He] has also been working with the Computer Campus instructor, Dale Pilchman. Dale has been an integral part of [his] understanding the computer and assists with applying his academic skills. Laurie and Dale communicate with [his] school and attend IEP meetings. Laurie has recommended several listening and sensory programs that have been successful. As each new challenge became an accomplishment new goals were set. [He] is never left to be idle in his development. Laurie Kalb is a sincere, caring, supportive, extremely intelligent and professional human being. Just thinking about what she and Pediatric Potentials have done for [our son] and our family warms my heart. There are times we are amazed at [his] capabilities, but Laurie is not. Another therapist would not have had the patience with [him]. As far as we are concerned there is not another occupational therapist office that could come close to the services Pediatric Potentials provides to their clients."  from a long-term parent

[Our daughter]  “is really enjoying gymnastics and swimming once a week but she still says that she wants to see you once a month. She also takes piano lessons and has surprised me by being able to concentrate and progress steadily. However, [she]  insists that none of her activities can compare with the pleasure/enjoyment/exhilaration (pick one!) she feels when she visits you." from a parent

“I want to thank you for all of the information you provided to allow me to effectively assist the student we discussed .... I just wanted you to know that you've made a very big difference in the life of a uniquely wonderful little girl. “  from an Education Advocate

“Your presentation/workshop was valuable and relevant to each of our grade levels. Your visual and verbal examples enabled us to implement many of your suggestions as early as today.”  from the Director of a major local early childhood center

“(The workshop) presentation (on Understanding Sensory Processing and Fine Motor Development in Early Childhood) reinforced how each child needs to be offered opportunities to explore through his/her senses, and also be encouraged to develop and apply motor planning strategies. It was refreshing to listen to a presentation which was carefully planned and presented by a woman who is committed to helping provide care-givers and teachers the tools and understanding to help our children experience success as they make meaning of the environment.”  from an early childhood educator

 “I can't tell you how grateful we are that you are holding our hands through this process. Thank you very much for following up with (the child study team) so quickly....”  from a parent

Regarding yoga at Pediatric Potentials: “My thirteen-year-old son began yoga classes with Helene last fall. Yoga has been a great asset to him in many areas. It has helped him improve his body awareness and posture. It has helped with oral motor development including speech because of the work in the area of breath control. (If any of your kids don’t like to get their face [wet] it may not have to do with the water, but rather with the fact that they do not breathe correctly!) The mediation component of yoga has calmed him. While the yoga class itself helped him tremendously, it was the carry over to the rest of his life that really made the yoga as asset to him. When he sat for the SATs this year, he used the breathing techniques to calm himself. His greater body awareness and control helped him in the achievement of becoming a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do. But maybe more important than the great benefits yoga has given my son, he likes it and finds it great fun!” 8/23/2010

Pediatric Potentials provides OT services at the West Orange JCC. This recent testimonial from a parent describes the impact our therapist (Elisa Grossbard) had on ensuring that her child was able to leap to new levels and was ready to enter public kindergarten with confidence:   “My 5 year old son ... began his Kindergarten enrollment at the JCC in West Orange.  One of the biggest attractions of enrolling my son in the JCC for Private Kindergarten was to give him the added benefit and attention of having private OT sessions on-site and having those learnings re-enforced in the classroom environment.   As background, my son has difficulty with fine motor skills.  He finished a Pre-K program the year prior (2008-09) where the children were taught to write and our son could barely hold the pencil properly.  In addition, compared with his peers, he could not write any formed sentences correctly, in proper format or legibility and his name many times was written backwards or un-intelligibly....   Since the onset of the program at the JCC in W. Orange in 2009-10 school year (age 5 1/2 now), our son has seen dramatic improvement.  Not only does he properly hold the pencil, and he can write his name beautifully, he can write full sentences and understands flow and format.  He is more confident in himself and in his writing and drawing skills, because he "can now" do it....  I found that the OT support on site in the weekly 30 minute sessions, coupled with the re-enforcement in the classroom, has truly enhanced my son's learning and development experiences.    In addition, pulling him out of the class for 30 minutes was a huge benefit.  He found the sessions fun and enjoyable and liked to go to "OT."

I found our Therapist Elisa to be an excellent communicator and facilitator... always responsive to my questions and concerns.  In addition, Elisa maintained a notebook as a communication tool with the parent which was always updated with current progress of our son.   Overall, it was the best thing we could do, time, money and resources, to invest in our son's development to carry a lifetime.  He is well prepared to enter public school next year with the confidence and know how to write and participate in fine motor activities.  While there is always room to strive for improvement, we believe our son is in a good place to get started.

Thank you. “


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