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Oral sensory / Oral motor

Children with sensory processing difficulties may experience oral motor/sensory concerns as well. Therapists at Pediatric Potentials are specifically trained to evaluate and address what sensory and motor concerns are affecting your child’s ability to tolerate and manage foods and to coordinate chewing and swallowing.

In order to determine what treatment would benefit your child, Pediatric Potentials therapists will evaluate your child’s oral sensory and motor skills. Depending on your child’s age and development, we may consider whether your child:

  • Has a limited diet
  • Gags
  • Is a messy eater
  • Eats only soft, mushy foods
  • Resists or craves oral input
  • Eats non food items
  • Stuffs their mouth with food
  • Squirrels food in cheeks

We needs to address these “red flag issues” if they are getting in the way of your child’s enjoyment or progress in typical settings.


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