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Primitive Reflex Integration

Every baby is born with primitive reflexes. 

Primitive reflexes are reflexes that appear in infancy and are integrated into normal movement patterns as the infant develops during the first months of life. These reflexes which are repetitive and automatic are essential for the development of head control, muscle tone, sensory integration and motor and emotional development. 

Many of the children that we see at Pediatric Potentials commonly demonstrate signs of these reflexes not being integrated.   Non-integrated reflexes may interfere with the development of more advanced motor skills.  Reflex integration is an important component of a comprehensive therapy program.

You can find a chart of the primitive reflexes and their indicators of non-integration on our Useful Handouts Page. A series of Youtube videos created by Pediatric Potentials Occupational Therapist Elisa Grossbard demonstrate exercises that can be done to help integrate these reflexes. These exercises should only be done upon your therapist's recommendation! 


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